Give Dad A Break!

Give Dad A Break!

Give Dad A Break!

Dad works hard. He helps out around the house in any way he can. He might cut the grass, he may be a world class chef, or maybe he’s been helping you on your jump shot and your science project. Either way, we know how much he cares AND how hard he works. We’ve got DADS TOO! That’s why we’re recommending that this fathers day you do something DIFFERENT!

Please, by all means, if you have the BBQ planned already, DO IT. But if you’ve already exhausted all other options, or if he’s feeling like a pizza and some chicken parm… please give us a call. And if your feeding more than just a few mouths this Sunday, one of our many catering packages might just be what you need to make fathers day EXTRA SPECIAL.

OR, if you are interested, stop by our place of business (please call ahead) and we would be more than happy to accommodate your whole family. We have beer and wine of all types to help Dad kick back and relax.

Whether we hear from you or not, have a HAPPY Father’s Day! Tell dad we said hello, from the whole team at Gino’s of Nesconset.


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